Adult Learning Center

Brainfuse’s Adult Learning Center provides expert help for math, reading, writing, and general skill building. Their services include live tutoring from 2pm – 11pm, the Language Lab, and various studying tools. Get information on Career Resources, resume assistance, High School Equivalency and US Citizenship Test Preparation, and Microsoft Office Help. Provided by the Library of VA.

Great Courses

Audio courses on a wide range of topics available on Hoopla (requires free registration using your library card).

Homework HelpNow

Connect LIVE with a certified tutor, seven days a week between 2 and 11 pm, for assistance with assignments and research, including math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and more! Submit your papers to a tutor in the Writing Lab for constructive feedback or take practice exams and create your own flashcards to prepare for tests. Tutoring is available in English and Spanish.


Connect LIVE with a certified career coach, seven days a week between 2 and 11 pm, for help with résumé writing, applications, searches, and skill development needs. Also find unemployment assistance, résumé templates, career assessments, and test and credentialing prep resources for over 140 job types.

The Guide to Virginia Legal Information Resources

This document includes a list of legal information resources covering topics as varied as incorporating a business, contesting a traffic ticket, researching health law, obtaining social security, renting a dwelling, buying a house, and writing a will. This list of resources does not constitute legal advice or answers to questions of law. The list identifies resources for public librarians seeking items for their legal collections and independent researchers seeking legal information.

Transparent Language

Language learners can build vocabulary, practice skills, and maintain what they have learned with Transparent Language Online, available anytime, anywhere in 110+ languages. Includes English language learning for speakers of over 30 different languages. 

Universal Class

Access over 500 classes through Universal Class. Topics include accounting, business, parenting, finance, homeschooling, and more. Register using your Pittsylvania County Public Library card.