Freedom of Choice

"In the 1964-65 school year, Freedom of Choice was introduced into Pittsylvania County Schools. Several students, showing remarkable Courage, Leadership, and Sacrifice were the first to help break the racial barrier in education. We recognize and celebrate these brave students who were instrumental in paving the way for the transition toward full integration in Pittsylvania County Schools."

Freedom of Choice - Introduction

Chatham High School

Chatham High Student Narratives

Dan River High School

Dan River Students Narratives

Tunstall High School

Tunstall Students Narratives

Gretna High School

Gretna Students Narratives

Addition information

Individual Interviews:
Students and family members tell their stories.
    Elizabeth Fitzgerald Mayo  
    Brenda Breedlove Carter
    Glen Miller
    Marian Shelton Keyes
    Patrika Threat
    Richetta Acker
    Terry Kelly
    Anthony Parrish
    Calvin Yarbrough
    Joan Tarpley Robinson
    John Wayne Powell
    Alfreda Tarpley-Ward
    Clarissa Knight
     Irene Fitzgerald Logan
    Jack White Jr.
    Jay Brown
    Lillie Fitzgerald Jeter
    Paul Robert Carter
    Gayle Hunt Breakley
    Phyllis Woods
    Robert M. Tucker
    Sandra Gunn Carey