Two more

Before February gets away, let me tell you about a couple books I have read since my last posting.
The first is My Mother, Your Mother by Dennis McCullough. It’s simply the best thing I have read about caring for a family member who is in the later stages of life. McCullough is an advocate of what he calls “Slow Medicine,” an approach that focuses on the older person’s everyday needs and approaches possible medical interventions with caution and thoughtfulness. A geriatrician, McCullough has a lovely writing style that is calming and radiates caring for both the older person and the caregiver. He has a great way of putting the challenges of caregiving into a broader context of helping the older person have a good quality end of life.
The second is Thinner This Year by Chris Crowley and Jennifer Sachek. She’s a nutritionist and exercise physiologist from Tufts University; Crowley co-authored the earlier books in the Younger Next Year series that I have written about before. He is a retired lawyer whose overarching message is that we all need to exercise six days a week for the rest of our lives. This volume uses the same style as the earlier books, alternating between the medical science and Crowley’s personal story. This is not just one more diet book; in fact, it’s not a diet book at all. Crowley is seventy-seven and bikes up mountains, so that gives his words some weight. Inspirational stuff and worth looking at if you are embarking on the late middle age journey and want to stay active until the end.

Next month, some fiction–I promise!

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