Who do you think you are?

I have gotten hooked on genealogy.
I haven’t been doing my own charts or finding out what limb of the tree that third cousin who went around the corner to buy a cantaloupe and never came back fell from–nothing as useful as that, mind you.
No heavy lifting involved. It’s just that I have started watching Who Do You Think You Are? On television and I can’t stop.

I blame it on my brother. fittingly enough, since he’s part of the family tree. He’s the one that told me about the show. We now own seasons one and two at the library.
Here’s the basic outline of this show: each episode focuses on a well-known celebrity and their search for their ancestors. In most cases, the search takes them to different countries. Sometimes they discover they come from royalty; in other cases, their ancestors were brought here against their will as slaves. In all cases, however, the story is interesting and it also highlights the way people use online resources such as Ancestry. com [which we have available in all our libraries--shameless plug!] to find information.
The other show I have become intrigued by is Finding Your Roots by Henry Louis Gates. This is a PBS production and, just as Who Do You Think You Are? It focuses mostly on well-known. It’s hosted by Henry Louis Gates, a professor at Harvard. It’s a little less commercial in its approach, and is also fascinating.
The library has many resources regarding local history and genealogy, so once you’ve seen what can be learned, we’ll be here to help you find out who you are.

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