Growing Up Bilingual

I read an article in Newsweek recently entitled “Why It’s Smart to Be Bilingual.”[i] It probably caught my eye because I am  grandmother to a nearly-four-year-old, and the photo attached to the article was of a young boy.  I found the article fascinating, though, because of its thesis–that “regular, high-level use of more than one language may actually improve early brain development.”  It helps in our ability to focus despite distractions, to ignore irrelevant information.  These skills are called “executive function,” and they appear very early in bilingual children.

Bilingual education is, of course, far from rare in many countries, but in the United States it is certainly not the norm, especially for toddlers.

The whole Newsweek article is very interesting and I recommend it to you. The author speculates that since attention disorders such as ADHD can be linked to a compromised executive functioning, perhaps learning a second language, which uses these skills, might impact a child positively.

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